Connect people,
boost productivity 


Work together and create value, sharing information and digital contents
with all colleagues, departments, external contributors and partner companies

Manage the carrying out of the activities and have an integrated exchange of information are both crucial issues. Even more inside modern business contest.
A solution capable of connecting all internal and external company staff members, ensures benefits such as a quicker know-how sharing and a time to market reduction.

Silloge is the collaborative software which allows users to interact between them and manage different kind of digital contents within a single tool.

  • Share documents and information quickly.
  • Assign tasks to team member or other departments.
  • Communicate real time through the chat.

Task Management

Assign activities to colleagues or other depts,
by specifying expected results and deadlines



Share ideas or information quickly.
Keep always connect to your Digital Workplace


Documentary portal

Share company news and documents
with customers, suppliers and partners


Visibility and roles

Integrated organisation chart to define visibilities
and  ensure a proper access to information


Approvals management

Approve tasks and documents, put electronic or
digital signatures, also from your mobile office


Connect documents and contents

Join file and information and make easier
the sharing of knowledge

Try Silloge and improve the company collaboration

One of our experts will show you how Silloge is the collaborative software allowing an effective documents and processes management. 

Find out more about Silloge:

Document Management

Share safely digital contents,
even in mobility


Work organize by respecting
the designed processes