Document Management

Share safely digital contents,
even in mobility

Document Management

Simplify the document management and organize
in an integrated way all companies digital contents

The full-digitalization of a company can bring real benefits to the business.
However, a full-digital document management, is truly effective only if it is able to replicate the real documents lifecycle, considered the different sources from which the information comes from.

Silloge allows you to do a 360-degree document management:

  • Digitalize, index and store shortly all your contents.
  • Create contents directly by the platform and cooperate with colleagues, by assigning them task or contributing to structured workflow.
  • Research in real-time within all the documents stored, including annexes and notes made by you or your team.

Document versioning

Keep always tabs on the revisions
and the changes made


Favorites management

Mark as favorites all the digital contents
of which you want greater visibility


Documents Organisation

Contents management
within multi-level folder


Media files

Archive and visualize
large images and video


Data protection

Secure personal data
hiding documents or single fields


Multichannel acquisition

Archive automatically or manually the information.
Upload file or scan paper documents

Try Silloge to boost your document management

One of our experts will show you how Silloge is the collaboration software able to grant you an efficient document and process management. 

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