The virtual desk for the
Smart Working

Document Management, Collaboration and Workflow management in one single product
A Digital Asset Management tool to manage all digital contents
Images, documents and more generally all file


Connect people,
boost productivity

Document Management

Share safely digital contents,
even in mobility


Work organized by respecting
the disegned processes

User Friendly

  • Activities and priorities proactively highlighted at the user login.
  • Highly customizable dashboard: personalize the way to manage, search and take view of documents, tasks and information.
  • Focus group based grafic layout for an intuitive interface and a satisfying User Experience.
user friendly smart working
coud ready smart working silloge

Cloud Ready

  • Silloge is a Cloud-Native designed software: this feature ensures high integration and scalability as well as high availability and agility, for a Smart Working approach.
  • Cloud technology allows you to quickly install and configure the software without incurring huge start-up and maintenance cost.
  • Analyze and monitor the operational management through an appropriate control board.

Content Discovery

  • Take full advantage of the powerful search engine. Find quickly all the information you need, also among millions of document.
  • The full-text research (Google style) allows you to get all you are looking for in few seconds. Custom filters on search results: apply restriction to metadata, contents and annexes of the documents.
  • Customize your results and re-use favourite search query creating and saving models. Reduce repetitive activities impact and focus on the most strategic assets.
  • Search results ordered by relevance, higlighting most interesting information for each user.
enterprise smart working silloge


  • Silloge is the Smart Working tool with whom connect all the business information systems. Join the different technologies through API and REST services and create a single, integrated Digital Workplace for all company departments.
  • Fully embedded with Process Mining and Digital Preservation Siav solution.
  • The docker architecture ensures high scalability and the use of microservices minimizes upgrades impact.


  • All users activities are tracked to ensure data integrity and safety.
  • GDPR by design: data and information management is in line with the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • DRM (Digital Right Management): accurate data visibility definition, in terms of stored content or specific confidential data.
sicurezza smart working silloge
mobile smart working


  • Mobile First: access to your informative asset everytime and everywhere through a virtual desk designed with a mobile first logic. Few clicks to carry out tasks and a responsive interface, suited to different kind of devices (such as pc or tablet).
  • Work out from office, managing real-time task, documents and digital signitures.
Key Points


Easily integrated with the business information systems (such as ERP, CRM, HR software). The software is fully usable through third-party applications.

Web and mobile

Fully Web-based, also for configuration and administration activities. Responsive, tablet first.

Cloud and On-premises

Designed for cloud and on-premises installations. Multi-tenant and Multi-company features.

Open Source technology

Silloge is realized with selected and guaranteed Open Source technologies. Agile and Devops methodologies allow a rapid application deployment.


Use MongoDB without any additional database cost or choose among the several commercial and Siav certified database.

Would you like to know more?

An expert will show you how Silloge can help to improve the business processes.