Work organized by respecting
the designed processes


Carry out your activities involving your colleagues in a simple and immediate way,
by assigning tasks with deadline. Contribute to business processes
taking part to pre-defined workflow


Define workflow, having visibility of processes, analyzing them in order to take decisions and planning new way to achieve results, are essential aspects in order to better manage a company.

All these activities represent the Business Process Management and are carried out more and more digitally, for the purpose of maximise both productivity and business collaboration.

The Silloge BPM features allow you to manage workflow:

  • Boost the carrying out of business processes assigning simple tasks or initiating more complex workflow, by associating one or more documentary cards.
  • Analyize and optimize your processes performance by using continuos and complete report.

Task on Demand

Take part in processes and work cooperatively,
assign activities and deadlines in a simple way


Default tasks

Use a wide functions set to complete,
organize, manage and send contents


Workflow Designer

By using an easy editor, draw
structured processes to plan and drive the work



Monitor activities trend,
optimize the workload management


Proactive dashboard

The dashboard drives you among the tasks
which must be done, highlighting daily priority


Process Mining

Analyze Silloge processes through
BIPOD Siav Process Mining tool

Try Silloge and enhance the organization of your company

One of our experts will shows you how Silloge is the collaborative software wich allows an effective document and processes management.

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Connect people,
boost productivity

Document Management

Share safely digital contents,
even in mobility